Viral TikTok food hacks and recipes

 by Vanessa Ko (’24) and Valerie Wong (’24) | October 7, 2022

Art by Kiana Allard (’24)

Many creators on TikTok go viral by posting quick and easy food hacks that can improve anyone’s cooking game. We searched the internet for some of our favorite recipes and have included them here. 

Though often eaten on special occasions, TikTok’s trending mug cake recipes can be made easily for any occasion. These convenient cakes come in many different flavors, but here is one sweet recipe for a chocolate lava mug cake. 

2 tablespoons of boiling water
2 tablespoons softened butter
¼ cup sugar
¼ flour 
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 piece of chocolate

Stir all ingredients together in the mug, but before popping it in the microwave, place the piece of chocolate into the middle of the batter. Cook the cake for about sixty seconds, then stick a fork into the microwaved cake. If the fork comes out clean, the mug cake is ready to eat. 

However, TikTok tips do not stop at desserts. Instant ramen is a quick meal familiar to many students, but it can be more than just a time- and money-saver. Many TikTok creators attempt to elevate their ramen by adding their own ingredients and flavors. One such rendition is a popular hack combining eggs and mayonnaise to make a creamy broth for the ramen. To recreate this, whisk together an egg, a spoon of mayonnaise, a clove of minced garlic, and a ramen seasoning packet. Then, boil the ramen noodles as specified on the package. Slowly pour some of the boiling water into the egg mixture while whisking to cook the eggs, for a creamy and flavorful broth. Lastly, add the noodles and garnish with green onions. 

This recipe preserves the convenience of microwaved instant noodles while maintaining the flavor of a restaurant dish. This dish has chewy noodles, hot broth, and fragrant spices and can be adjusted to anyone’s liking. It combines the comfort of instant noodles with fresh ingredients and creates a delicious meal!

If reading about those two snacks made you thirsty, then here’s a quick and delicious dalgona coffee drink recipe. The perfect thirst quencher has three ingredients and is hand-whipped for those of you who need a caffeine boost periodically during the school year. 

Start by combining two tablespoons of instant coffee, two tablespoons of granulated white sugar, and two tablespoons of boiling water together in a bowl or cup. Using a hand mixer, whip the mixture for two to five minutes until fluffy. Then, pour a cup of any kind of milk type and add your dalgona coffee whip. Make sure to stir the milk and coffee together to get a delicious and creamy caffeinated drink. If you made too much whipped coffee, feel free to store it in your fridge for a few days.

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