Vanessa Ko

Vanessa Ko (’24) is a Staff Writer and Artist for The Lancer.

The not-so-red red carpet brings stellar looks to the Oscars

by Vanessa Ko (’24) | March 31, 2023 For this year’s 95th Annual Academy Awards, the red carpet was champagne. The Oscars’ creative consultants, Lisa Love and Raul Avila, explained that they chose the champagne-colored carpet to allow the smooth progression from daytime to nighttime appearances. In addition, the carpet was covered by a tent…

Viral TikTok food hacks and recipes

 by Vanessa Ko (’24) and Valerie Wong (’24) | October 7, 2022 Many creators on TikTok go viral by posting quick and easy food hacks that can improve anyone’s cooking game. We searched the internet for some of our favorite recipes and have included them here.  Though often eaten on special occasions, TikTok’s trending mug…

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