The contemporary passion for fashion

by Cassady Gammons (’24) | March 10, 2023

Art by Vanessa Ko (’24)

Multiple factors determine what you pick out to wear every day: the weather, the dress code, and your own personal style. But have you ever wondered what clothing style your fashion sense falls into? There are more common, well-known styles such as business wear, gothic, or boho. But recently, some intriguing and unique aesthetics are taking the world by storm. 

Dreaming of simplicity but unwilling to sacrifice sophistication? The “Scandi girl” style is perfect for you. Taking inspiration from the ’80s and the ’90s, this style is known for clean clothing pieces styled in various ways. Soft pastel colors and neutral tones are key to this style. An influencer who popularized this style is Matilda Djerf, owner and founder of the clothing company Djerf Avenue. Her clothing line is the outline for the Scandinavian style, with pieces that are simple, perfect “basics” to wear daily.

A staple for this eurocentric style is two-piece sets—whether that be trouser pants and a matching blazer or a mini skirt and a tank top, the matching tops and bottoms create a sophisticated, monochrome look. For more ways to achieve this relaxed, sleek look, start off with items such as vintage light-washed denim, and flowy button-down shirts. From there, work on building up a wardrobe of simple yet timeless pieces.

For the next trend, call up your cousin in Texas and ask to borrow their boots—because the modern Western style is in. Think of it as the result of a cowboy walking into Urban Outfitters. This look puts a modern spin on traditional Western-style pieces, including boots, hats, and belt buckles. The look often pairs classic cowboy boots with modern pieces like a miniskirt or a white dress. Gold jewelry, and of course, a cowboy hat, heightens the look. A more dressed down version of this style could be a pair of bell bottom jeans with a leather belt, or even turquoise stone accents.  

The style of modern Western comes from the desire in the fashion world to convert functional pieces into fashionable ones. This method takes items perceived mainly in one way or another, elevating them to create a new look! As a result, it may seem odd to see a New Yorker wearing cowboy boots, yet the peculiarity is a part of the style.

Anyone who ever took a ballet class as a child may find it surprising that the dance style has also transferred to fashion. What is so fashionable about a black leotard and pink tights? Well, this style has taken certain pieces typically worn by ballerinas and turned them into normal day-to-day wear. The ballet-core style consists of baby pink, satin, sleek buns, ribbon, and of course, pointe-inspired shoes. The idea of ballet-core is to transform the classicism and beauty of the dance style into a beautiful style wearable by all people, not just dancers. The outfits for this style can be subtle, with only pink accents, or heightened, featuring leg warmers and bows. Ballet-core is light and feminine, and speaks to an audience with an interest in expressing this type of charm and practicality.

Whether you’re looking to branch out in your style or build up an entirely new wardrobe, exploring new and inventive style aesthetics is a great way to see which pieces fit your personality.

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