Sarav Desai

Sarav Desai (’24) is a Staff Writer for The Lancer.

Rethinking diversity training

by Sarav Desai (‘24) and Semira Arora (’25) | March 31, 2023 Recently, terms like “diversity, equity, and inclusion” are populating 9-5 company culture. Although the terms within diversity training may sound like buzzwords They intend to facilitate group interaction between people of various populations as a means to reduce prejudice and discrimination. From seminars…

Why the earthquake should be the end of Erdogan

by Sarav Desai (’24) | March 10, 2023 On February 5th, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Southern Turkey and Northern Syria; it was followed by two massive aftershocks, bringing further destruction to the area. As of late February, the death toll passed 50,000. The considerable amount of rubble to be searched and bodies to…

McCarthy strikes a deal for Speaker

by Sarav Desai (’24) | February 3, 2023 Early on the morning of Saturday, January 7, Kevin McCarthy breathed a sigh of relief, as he was finally elected to be the fifty-fifth Speaker of the House of Representatives. Five days of chaos, fanfare, near violence on the House floor, and unexpected votes turned what was…

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