Sudeepthi Ravipati

Sudeepthi Ravipati (’24) is a Staff Writer for The Lancer.

Scientists identify gene to prevent incurable Parkinson’s disease

by Sudeepthi Ravipati (’24) | April 8, 2022 Parkinson’s disease is a devastating illness with no known cause. While people experience this neuro-degenerative disorder in a variety of ways, it generally impacts an individual’s movement by attacking nerve cells in the brain and causing dopamine levels to fall. For years, scientists have searched tirelessly for…

Scientists research reasons for brain fog caused by COVID-19

by Sudeepthi Ravipati (’24) | March 21, 2022 When COVID-19 took the world by storm, the virus significantly changed the world of medicine. While treatable for many, its impacts are extremely dangerous for others. According to a Fair Health report, an estimated 25 percent of COVID-19 patients develop long-term symptoms. Some of the most commonly…

Invincible Ida: hazardous hurricanes in a world of climate change

by Sudeepthi Ravipati (’24) | October 11, 2021 Hurricane Ida’s wrath has struck from Louisiana to New York; since August 26, the storm has brought torrential rain and 150 mile-per-hour wind speeds. In American history, only four other hurricanes have had stronger wind speeds. Ida’s damage to cities is more expansive, however, than past hurricanes.…

Smart-pipes: the low-carbon solution to the infrastructure industry

by Sudeepthi Ravipati (‘24) | May 10, 2021 A new partnership focused on developing “low-carbon pipes” could forever change infrastructure and the construction industry. With a €269,000 grant from Innovate UK, the University of Birmingham and manufacturing company Aquaspira are collaborating on a nine-month research program with great potential. According to engineers from the University…

Reducing the carbon footprint using carbon itself

by Sudeepthi Ravipati (’24) | March 29, 2021 Fossil fuels have been the source of industrial prosperity for several decades. The process of burning these fuels, however, has led to an abundance of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Multiple countries across the globe rely on these fuels, and the United…

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