Anoushka Roshan

Anoushka Roshan (’24) is a Staff Writer for The Lancer.

Is “Tick, Tick… Boom!” overrated?

by Anoushka Roshan (’24) | February 14, 2022 When I first discovered Tick, Tick…Boom! on Netflix, I was ecstatic. A musical with Andrew Garfield? Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda? Sign me up! Based on the life of Jonathan Larson, the mind behind the hit musical Rent, Tick, Tick…Boom focuses on Larson’s personal life and the struggles…

Squid Game review: children’s games with a deadly twist

by Anoushka Rohan (’24) | November 19, 2021 Although it was released in early September, almost everyone has watched or at least heard of the Netflix TV show, Squid Game. The premise of the hit series was simple: contestants in dire need of money played simple children’s games in order to win an enormous cash…

Recapping the 2021 Grammys

by Anoushka Roshan (’24) | March 29, 2021 In case you missed it, the 63rd annual Grammys award ceremony was held last Sunday. While it was one of the lowest-rated Grammys in history and was surrounded by a lot of controversy, such as the snub of The Weeknd’s nomination for Song of the Year for…

“Drivers License”: a chart-breaking anomaly

By Anoushka Roshan (’24) | March 1, 2021 If you are even remotely interested in pop culture or music, you have probably heard the song “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo. Released in January 2021, Olivia Rodrigo’s debut single, “Drivers License,” quickly hit number one within a week of its release and broke several records. Rodrigo…

“Enola Holmes”: an unrealistic and underwhelming viewing experience

by Anoushka Roshan (24)| November 16, 2020 Art by Allyson Wang (’23) Last month, Netflix released the much anticipated movie Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown, who many of us know from Stranger Things, and Louis Partridge, who is touted to be the “new Timothée Chalamet.” The film also stars Helena Bonham Carter, Henry Cavill,…

“The Social Dilemma”: an eye-opening documentary

by Anoushka Roshan | October 5, 2020 When my mom forced me to watch The Social Dilemma with her this weekend, I was curious as to how they would treat the already controversial subject of social media. What would this documentary offer that I had not already seen in several other movies about the same…

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