Brain Dump

by Arhana Aatresh (’23)

Brain Dump is a column addressing current news about the brain in the context of problems applicable to or prevalent in high schoolers, such as cognition and mental health.

Brain Dump: the science behind voting

by Arhana Aatresh (’23) | November 18, 2022 The arrival of November is an exciting time: leaves falling and changing colors, a rare peek at rain, and perhaps most importantly, Election Day. A portion of the Saint Francis student body can now legally vote, a cherished civic responsibility, and all sixteen and seventeen-year-olds can pre-register…

Brain Dump: the importance of consensus in conversation

by Arhana Aatresh (’23) | October 7, 2022 Welcome to Brain Dump! I’m excited for a year of exploring the mysteries and wonders of our brain and how they manifest in our thoughts and actions.  As high schoolers, we’re familiar with disagreement, which happens in diverse situations, running the gamut from social settings to academic…