Riyana Goel

Riyana Goel (’26) is a Staff Writer for Vol. 59 of The Lancer.

All bases covered: Boys’ Varsity Baseball’s hopes for the season

by Riyana Goel (’26) | March 31, 2023 The Saint Francis Boys’ Varsity Baseball Team has proved that winning is a habit. Last year’s team finished the season with a formidable ranking of third in the state—an impressive feat given that California is definitively the best state for high school baseball. The team finished the…

More than a nepo baby: Gracie Abrams’s “Good Riddance”

by Riyana Goel (’26) | March 31, 2023 Lost. Searching. Broken. Healing. With her new album Good Riddance, released on February 24, 23-year-old popstar Gracie Abrams explores the intricacies of growing up, specifically her frustration with how finding one’s way often seems never-ending. Over fifty-three minutes, Abrams primarily expresses a feeling of uncertainty.  In her…

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