Eggers Innovation Center: Photo Essay

Photography by Paige Allen (’23), Captions by Sophia Tran (’24) | February 3, 2023

While students navigate the new Eggers Innovation Center, The Lancer decided to take snapshots of all the amazing facilities that have opened. The following photos showcase not only spacious rooms, but they also propose a sea of limitless possibilities for the student body. Explore and enjoy the Innovation Center!

A look inside one of the collaborative work rooms in the Eggers Innovation Center. This space is equipped with magnetic stools and a white board for the student body.

When first entering the building, students see a wooden staircase leading up to the second floor. These Gathering Stairs are commonly used as a casual space for students to meet at throughout the day.

One of the collaborative rooms on the second floor.

Some Lancers relax on new couches as they enjoy the nice view outside.

Another set of stairs that lead up to the second floor and more math and science classes.

A lab space on the first floor, primarily intended for robotics and engineering use.

A friendly skeleton resides in a science classroom, happily greeting Lancers.

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