Women’s sports are ready to be seen

by Keira Schultz (’26) | November 18, 2022

Art by Matthew Tran (’23)

“This is an important step towards closing the media coverage gap for female athletes, for women’s sports” – Angela Ruggiero, CEO of Sports Innovation Lab 

The WNBA (Women’s National Basketball League), Athletes Unlimited (softball), LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association), Premier Hockey Federation, World Surf League, and U.S. Ski & Snowboard are some of the organizations that support the Women’s Sports Network. The goal of these partnerships is to give organizations that support the network a chance to grow their brands; these leagues will have 1000+ hours of easily available sports content. Content includes live games, tournaments, and important events across all women’s sports. Additionally, the network will include stories told by athletes across all organizations through documentaries and highlights. Possible streaming services for the Women’s Sports Network include Amazon Freevee, Tubi, Fox Corporation, FuboTV, Xumo, and smart TVs. 

Throughout the past couple of years, women have been focusing on equality in professional sports by attacking issues such as equal pay and streaming; with the launch of the Women’s Sports Network, this goal is much closer to being accomplished. On November 3, Los Angeles streaming studio FAST Studios announced that the long expected Women’s Sports Network is finally live. Released on the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the television network is the best place to find high level female athletes competing in their sports. Furthermore, with connections to twelve professional sports organizations, the network is dedicated to making women’s sports acknowledged in modern media. 

The cornerstone show for Women’s Sports Network is Game On, a channel that gives fans popular topics, latest news, and important sports pop culture. The hosts will be social influencer Crissa Jackson, sports reporter Taylor Felix, producer Jess Lecero, and sports icon Jenna Bandy; there will also be a “fourth chair” to showcase guest athletes, commissioners, and sports icons through interviews. Game On will be the sole source in the Women’s Sports Network to inform the audience about significant events and highlight the female experience in professional sports. 

The opening of the Women’s Sports Network on the 50th Anniversary of Title IX shows the depth of the relationship between the two organizations. Title IX is one reason for the timing of the release of the Women’s Sports Network. Its connection is powerful in helping girls and women advance education, athletics, scholarships, and STEM. Both federations share goals of making girls and women successful and noticed to better their lives and acknowledge their strength. 

The Women’s Sports Network is a source of inspiration for all young female athletes, and a chance for women’s sports to finally be acknowledged and respected. The Women’s Sports Network is a primetime program for female athletes and easily accessible for all. After years of inequality, this network is an enormous step forward for women’s sports. 

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