Hot Takes: Senior Edition

by Smriti Vijay (’25) and Aanya Mittu (’25) | November 18, 2022

Throughout their four years at Saint Francis, seniors have developed their fair share of unpopular opinions and hot takes. As graduation looms, they are more eager than ever to leave their legacy with their controversial opinions. Out of the many unique submissions, the following are most representative of our senior class.

Starting off strong, Anika Bastin (’23) exclaims, “Harry Styles dressing in skirts is not groundbreaking if the skirt is not cute.” Bastin refers to the fan-favorite pop star who was previously a member of the renowned boy band One Direction. In Vogue’s November 2020 issue, Styles prominently took the front page of Vogue in a blue skirt, an outfit that has raised quite a lot of controversy. While the obvious sort of controversy may revolve around a man in a traditionally feminine skirt, Bastin’s conflict concerns the design of the skirt instead. If Bastin is as fashion trustworthy as she says, her word may have to be taken on this one. 

Brooke Baker (’23) takes on a different sphere of entertainment, modern day television, when she passionately says, “Grey’s Anatomy is overhyped.” First premiering in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy boasts an impressively lengthy nineteen seasons and 405 episodes. It is true that viewing the same melodrama for over 290 hours is exhausting; however, not everyone shares the same feelings. Pramati Barath (’23) vehemently disagrees, enjoying hours of the doctors having more problems than their own patients.

Venturing into the childhood television field, Elsa Ying (’23) explains, “The green Wild Kratt is so hot.” Although freedom of speech is protected in the First Amendment, maybe people should sometimes choose not to speak quite so freely. This animated PBS Kids show touched the hearts of many children whose parents restricted their television hours; this is a formal reminder that the character Ying refers to is animated. In this scenario, maybe Ying’s heart should have been touched by Spongebob instead.

Some seniors take on topics that likely cause Charles Darwin to roll in his grave. Safaa Hussain (’23) fervently announces, “There is no reason for birds to exist.” Aside from the “ecological” reasons birds exist, Hussain clearly understands that the birds do, in fact, work for the bourgeoisie. 

Transitioning to musical tastes, Koena Jaware (’23) declares “If you listen to Travis Scott, you’re chill like that.” Jaware has clearly never seen his fans in “Sicko Mode.”

Alexander Chang (’23) pitches in his own musical expertise, claiming, “Jack Harlow is overrated.” Harlow has had an impressive career so far, releasing multiple EPs, performing at the Grammys with Lil Nas X, and even appearing on Saturday Night Live as the host and musical guest. Regardless of this extensive resume, a trustworthy source confused Harlow with his fellow white boy rapper, Yung Gravy. So, perhaps, Chang is correct.

Living in the Bay Area, Teslas are practically everywhere. Diya Hasteer (’23) explains, “Listening to country music in a Tesla is a turn off.” Can anyone even name a country song that is not about beer, women, or trucks? Understandable. 

As seasonal joy consumes the school and the holidays are the primary subjects on students’ minds, Hannah Cushing (’23) speaks her mind on a seriously controversial debate: when should the public start playing Christmas music? “After Thanksgiving,” she insists, “is the only acceptable time.” Clearly, Cushing is one of the few who actually consider Thanksgiving a revered holiday, instead of simply a few days of living in a food coma and wallowing in pre-finals dread.

Americans have spent long, hard hours disliking the British, a sentiment originating from the 1700s. However, Rachel Perez (’23) brings in a new perspective by bravely saying, “British people are entertaining.” From British rap to questionable makeup looks, British people have constantly served as a reminder as to why America decided to separate itself from Britain. 

The honored seniors have spoken at last. From Jack Harlow to the exotic British, these hot takes prove that the seniors’ opinions will surely be missed.

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