Behind the scenes with Hospitality

by Katherine Winton (’25) | November 18, 2022

Photography by Paige Allen (’23)

Whether students are buying lunch from various spots on campus or going to the Urban Bloc for a snack, most Lancers interact with the Saint Francis Hospitality team on a daily basis. However, few students know about the great thought and effort that the Hospitality staff put into making Saint Francis a welcoming place.

In light of this school year’s theme of celebrating family, Mr. Winston Wint, the Hospitality manager, described the program as an experience where “everybody on campus [is] welcomed, and they can feel love and that family atmosphere.” Similarly, Ms. Maria Carrillo Alvarez, a cashier and prep cook for Hospitality, described the program as “a [warm] and cozy welcome.”

A great passion that the Hospitality team shares is making sure that our students and staff are happy. Wint said that his favorite part of being a member of Hospitality is “coming everyday and seeing [everyone].” He added, “To me, this is what I want to do everyday, to interact with [students], with educators. I enjoy coming to work everyday and seeing everybody and trying to put a smile on everybody’s faces.” Likewise, Ms. Alvarez said she loves her job, especially when she “know[s] that people are happy with the food that we prepare.” She added that “everything we cook is made with love.”

To increase student body satisfaction, Mr. Wint encourages students to share their thoughts on the food at school: “[W]e are open for suggestions, we are open for anybody’s opinion. We want students to be involved. Whether it is sustainability or moving to plant-based food, the students should have an input. I think one of the things students should know is… what impact we can have when it comes to hospitality. They should try and be a part of that.” Currently, menus are designed by student interns working for Hospitality, but the entire student body also has the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Another important part of Hospitality is the internship program offered to Saint Francis students. The program, which is open to students at least sixteen years old, currently has fourteen interns. Mr. Wint emphasized that the program is especially key because “hospitality is important, not just in food service, [but also] in whatever you are doing.” Regardless of where a student goes or how they interact with others, the welcoming atmosphere that defines Saint Francis Hospitality is crucial in fostering relationships with others.

All students have the opportunity to be a part of Saint Francis Hospitality, whether it is by joining the internship program, giving their input to the team, or simply making everyone on campus feels welcome. So next time when you see a member of the team, smile wide, because we can all do our part in making the mission of Hospitality come true.

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