Shriya Manchanda

Shriya Manchanda (’25) is a Contributing Writer for The Lancer.

Battle of the boxed cake mixes

by Shriya Manchanda (’25) | March 31, 2023 Baking is my love language: I love seeing people’s faces light up when they receive their favorite treat. Baking also provides me an opportunity to relax; while baking, my only worries are measuring out ingredients and testing flavor combinations. Unfortunately, being a high school student means that…

Mini pumpkin chip loaves

by Shriya Manchanda (’25) | October 7, 2022 Fall has officially arrived with the swiftly changing array of colorful foliage and the slight chill in the morning air. With the new season well on its way, I decided to mark the coming of autumn by baking a classic recipe with an autumnal twist: Pumpkin chocolate…

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