Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse Team wins on and off the field

by Katherine Winton (’25) | April 8, 2022

The Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse Team is off to a great start this season, with seven wins and only four losses. Before their recent 10-13 loss against Sacred Heart Prep, the team was on a three-win streak against the Menlo School, Menlo-Atherton, and Archbishop Mitty.

The team’s chemistry is built on the relationships fostered both on and off the field. Mackenzie Janosky (’25) stated that despite some initial conflicts, the members of the team “genuinely care about each other and uplift each other on the field.” 

Bella Razura (’22) explained how the seniors on the team “try to get the whole team together to… learn more about each other and become a team.” She mentions that the girls try to include each other in activities outside of the games and practices in order to keep them involved as a whole.

As part of the team’s overall community development, Piper Galbraith (’23) shared how the freshmen had “people who helped them… integrate into the team so [they] didn’t have a very long period of trying to introduce new members of the team, which is always a little bit of a struggle on sports teams.”

When asked what it’s like being a freshman on a varsity team, Janosky, one of the team’s midfielders, stated that it’s nice to “[know] upperclassmen” and “it doesn’t really feel like there’s that much of an age difference” between the players. 

However, Joss Thomas (’25) shared that she was at first “so intimidated and… still am sometimes” because the other girls are “great players.” Despite this, Thomas said that “they’ve been so welcoming… and they’re just so nice.”

Attracting numerous students each year, lacrosse has unique facets that each of the players consider to be their favorite part of the sport. Having played for three teams in nearly eight years, Janosky says that her favorite part of lacrosse is “working with the team” and “having other people there supporting [her].” 

Similarly, Galbraith’s favorite part is being able to “spend time with teammates… surrounded by people [she’s] close with” while doing something she loves.” Thomas added that goalies like herself “don’t get all that many saves… but what really makes you feel good is knowing that you helped your teammates and… all the support you get from them.”

Whether they win or lose their games, this year’s Girls’ Lacrosse Team should be proud of their efforts, both as players on the field and friends on a team.

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