Varsity Boys’ Tennis sets up more victories this season

by Sophia Tran (’24) | April 8, 2022

Art by Nicole Schubert (’22)

With a season full of successes and memorable moments between members, the Varsity Boys’ Tennis Team dominated during this spring season. The team won every match aside from three losses to Bellarmine and Homestead. With new changes in training and continued connections with other team members, this season has been full of exciting victories and exceptional performances.

For one, the tennis team has built relationships between students throughout grades that led to great success on the court. Jonathan Lee (’22) shared about the team’s new developments: “There were definitely memorable moments during recruitment because there were a lot of new trial members. Because of COVID-19 and everything, not a lot of people were showing up… It was great to see a lot more new faces out there. There’s a larger skill pool, and it’s great to see a lot of great players come out to play for us.”   

As the team triumphed throughout this spring season, the members have also tried new methods of training. Unlike previous years, they have been trying weight training while also continuing previous methods of practice. “I think [the weight training] worked great,” Lee explained. “I think that a lot of our newer players got to… transform their shots into more powerful shots. In terms of just practice, it’s been pretty much the same over the past four years, like with passing our fundamentals.” 

While practices and training lead up to eventful tournaments, the tennis team strove to continuously improve as players. Even as stellar tennis players, the members work to build on their skills and, in Lee’s words, “[progress] from where we started at the beginning of the season.” Numerous members had to adapt to coming back to a tennis team and enhancing their skills as team players. 

As WCAL and CCS approach, the team must train even harder to prepare. After two losses against Bellarmine, Lee believes that the Saint Francis team will finally win against the latter. Expectations run high this season as members discuss goal plans for their future tournaments. 

Lee stated, “Bellarmine is our only really challenging matchup, and if we can secure that win, which I think we will next time, we can definitely win it all. For WCAL and CCS, I think that we are fully expecting to go in and to give it our all; honestly, we have a really good shot at winning both CCS and WCAL.” 

With numerous exciting and eventful tournaments to come, the tennis team can’t wait to step up and deliver more extraordinary performances. Hopes are high, and the members are ready to face off in their upcoming matchups. Good luck to the Varsity Boys’ Tennis team!

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