Pitch perfect: Guacapella returns on a new note

by Anusha Jain (’25) and Smriti Vijay (’25) | March 21, 2022

Art by Tessa Gross (’24)

Guacapella has had an eventful school year so far, from a moderator change​​ to various competitions displaying their talent and testing their resilience.

Despite the challenges of a moderator transition, only positive comments have been made about Mrs. Margaret Durando’s return. “[She is] really helping build the club back after the pandemic,” said club president Clarissa Chen (’22). 

Other members appreciate her commitment to the group, highlighting her constructive feedback about their singing skills. “Mrs. Durando always wants to see and hear us sound our best,” said Gabriella Federighi (’23). 

Guacapella’s fostering community is the most beloved aspect of the club. “From a leadership standpoint, I love seeing people connect with each other. [I] value the inclusive environment that we have here. I think that we have a really great group. We have a lot of fun together… seeing everyone develop as singers and their confidence build over time,” continued Chen. 

Andrea Muliawan (’22), the group’s student leader, said that she “love[d] to see the improvement in the new singers and the bonds that everyone has made.”

William Muliawan (’22) enjoys the sense of community he experiences while mentoring the group’s younger singers. He relishes “being able to set [them] up for success, and hopefully bring them to a point where they are more passionate about singing and able to be happy with how they sing.” 

Andrea Muliawan added that the club has also “been focusing on securing the foundations of next year’s club. The large graduating class [has shifted its] main focus to establishing the basic knowledge and techniques in the underclassmen.”

Later this semester, Guacapella will hold their second annual Acaparty on May 6 in the Performing Arts Center. Chen had created the first Acaparty last year as a virtual event, but the recent opportunity for in-person festivities has brought forth new excitement within the club. Chen describes Acaparty as “a singing festival” and a chance for a cappella groups from other high schools to showcase their singing skills. 

Guacapella is set to have more upcoming school performances, such as at Music in the Quad and the Spring Concert. Chen hopes to continue “the great traditions” that she started, such as Acaparty, and build Guacapella’s “relationship with Bellarmine[’s]” a cappella group. She wishes the best for the club next year, and hopes that they will be able to “pursue what they feel excited about.”

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