ViewPoint: behind the scenes of Track & Field

by Da Hee Yang (’23) | March 21, 2022

The track & field managers behind the scenes. Photography by Da Hee Yang (’23)

Now we are back on track! Track season has started, with almost four hundred athletes looking forward to marking their personal records, coaches ready to offer expertise, and even parents enthusiastically volunteering and cheering in the bleachers. While you may immediately see a group of athletes jumping over the hurdles, another group throwing discus, and others doing laps, take a closer look at the field, do you see the people with their black jackets on? You might not always notice them because they mainly work behind the scenes and don’t wear tank tops and running shoes; they are the track & field managers. Without the seven of them, the Lancer Track & Field Team would not be where it is today. 

The track & field managers’ daily routine includes a variety of activities. First, they come onto the track to take attendance, making sure everyone’s presence is recorded. Next, they help set up equipment, like the hurdles for athletes to use in warm-ups. With each manager assigned to a different event team, they go to different locations to provide assistance; from there, their roles vary from timing the runners to organizing equipment for the throwers. 

Arriving early and leaving long after all events are over, managers are even busier during meet days. You might see them running around to help set up and take down events, ensuring each event runs efficiently. Some managers go into the press box and manage the technological operations, like looking at the photo finishes with cameras to accurately time the athletes—every second is important in track! These scores are then recorded on the Roster app so that parents and spectators can see the meet progress in real time. In addition to these tasks, the managers enthusiastically cheer on the team with shouts of “go Lancers!” and “you got this!”

While handling multiple tasks may be challenging, all managers take great responsibility and pride in their roles. Manager Antonette Oliva (’23) says, “Being a manager is a big time commitment, and it can sometimes even be tiring. However, all the hard work pays off once we see the passion of everyone out on the field.”

When asked about the highlights of the role, the common responses of the managers included the importance of team bonding. Caitlin Chan (’22) stated, “I manage the throwing team, and even though the team is big, I’ve already gotten to know everyone on the team by simply checking them in and recording their scores at meets. It feels really nice to be a part of the team where athletes continuously improve and cheer each other up.”

Melissa Paz-Flores (’22) added that she “became a part of a new community on campus by interacting with different athletes, managers, coaches, and everyone who helps the events go as smoothly as possible.” Sydney Fuentez (’22) expressed the managers’ hopes for the season: “We hope to see this season become a memorable one for everyone, with a lot of team bonding experiences and active cheering for one another.”

Managers are an essential part of the Lancer Track & Field Team, contributing to the team’s lively atmosphere. With their supportive work, athletes can shine through their results, coaches can lead comfortably, and parents can continue enthusiastically cheering for their children. Now, it’s time to shine the spotlight on the managers!

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