The 48-hour cookie proves to be the ultimate cookie

by Aanya Mittu (’25) | March 21, 2022

Art by Sofia Ruiz (’22)

Nothing says home more than a fresh batch of cookies right out of the oven. The delicious, captivating smells of toffee, brown butter, and fresh cookie dough permeate through any house with these 48-hour cookies. Now, I know what you’re thinking: 48 hours seems like a stretch, especially for a couple of cookies. But these chocolate chunk toffee cookies take first place no matter what you set them against. I decided to take on the journey of testing the recipe out to understand whether or not the two days are truly worth it. 

The recipe is as follows: 

For the toffee:

1 stick of unsalted butter

1 cup of light brown sugar

1 teaspoon kosher salt

For the brown butter:

2 sticks of unsalted butter

1 ice cube

For the dough: 

½ cup of sugar

1 ½ cups of dark brown sugar

2 teaspoons of espresso powder

2 teaspoons of kosher salt

½ teaspoon of baking soda

2 eggs

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

2 ½ cups of all purpose flour

6 oz of good quality chocolate

As wonderful as the recipe is, the title of the recipe is a bit misleading, as the 48 hours only accounts for the amount of time the dough spends in the fridge, without the time it takes to actually make the dough. Altogether, this recipe took me 49 hours and 13 minutes including clean-up. 

This was a fairly easy recipe to make even though the 48 hours seem daunting; the one struggle that I did have was making the toffee. Mixing together butter, sugar, and salt sounds easy enough until you actually attempt it. The mixture is supposed to reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit and immediately be taken off the heat; however, I got caught up in chopping the chocolate and measuring dry ingredients. My carelessness resulted in my toffee being burnt at my first effort. Granted, if you just pay attention to what you’re doing, the toffee should not be too hard to master. 

Overall, if you have the time, ingredients, and patience to wait for two days, I highly recommend giving this recipe a try. The cookies are perfectly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside while also looking extremely delectable. The day after I baked these, I distributed them to my friends to receive some more constructive feedback. Out of about 15 people, the cookies averaged a 9.6 out of 10, which in my humble opinion is pretty impressive. Overall, if you want to earn a few brownie points with your friends and make your house smell delicious, the 48-hour cookie is the way to go. 

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