Women’s Varsity Soccer Team concludes season with pride

by Katherine Winton (’25) | March 21, 2022

Photography by Grace Paulson (’22)

This past soccer season has been quite the ride, with some losses, a few ties, and many more wins. Starting with a tournament at Fremont High School, the Women’s Varsity Soccer team made their way up to the CIF NorCal semifinals against Buchanan High School in Clovis before the season came to its end.

Team manager Alexis Sweeney (’24), who was unable to play this season due to an ACL injury, stated that the Saint Francis team had “the majority of possession and far more shots,” but what led to their ultimate loss was “a 50/50 ball [that] determined the final score, unfortunately not in our favor.” Coco Heith (’25) added that it was a penalty kick that ended the game and season.

For seven of the girls on the team, the NorCal semifinals would be the last game they would play for the Saint Francis soccer team. Despite it being a loss, Sweeney said, “Our team fought for every single ball, and you could tell we wanted to continue on. It felt more like a win than anything…There [were] tears because it was the seniors’ last game… everyone was genuinely happy to just be together.”

The team effort put into the NorCal semifinals went beyond just competing. Heith shared that there were “two-hour practices every day” and “fitness both with the team and in [the players’] own time,” such as “timed run[s]” that they had to complete during breaks from school and games. Despite the intense workouts, Caroline Kane (’22) said that it “[paid] off…and [it was] one of the most rewarding feelings to see the positive outcomes of [their] hard work.”

In addition to the team’s focus on their games and training, the relationships between team members on the playing field were strengthened through team activities outside of competition. In Sweeney’s words, “It became less of a game and more of a family [when we] spent everyday with each other.”

Team bonding, which is a practice that nearly all teams engage in, is a way for teammates to grow closer and build trust and communication skills. Because teams require deep connections in order to play well during games, bonding often focuses on creating shared experiences. According to Kane, “the team really emphasized bonding activities and lunches in order to cultivate those close friendships.”

From the friendships to the amazing performances during this year’s soccer season, it will definitely be one to remember. Congratulations to the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team!

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