Utkarsh Agarwal

Utkarsh Agarwal (’23) is a Contributing Writer for The Lancer.

Much-anticipated TEDxSaintFrancis 2023 shines on the stage

by Will Li (’23) and Utkarsh Agarwal (’23) | March 10, 2023 On Saturday, March 4, TEDxSaintFrancisHS returned to the Performing Arts Center for its fourth annual event. A diverse lineup of thirteen speakers from all four grades shared stories with the Saint Francis community on themes ranging from digital detoxes to multicultural identity. The…

Back in full force: Lancers set roller coaster project in motion

by Utkarsh Agarwal (’23) | March 21, 2022 Signs warn “Beware the drop” and “Turn back now” as passengers ride up a gentle incline. Too late to turn around, they are confronted with a precipitous plunge that leads to the mountain’s dark base. The log flume plummets into the darkness below, accelerating to over forty-five…

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