Thanisha Kapur

Thanisha Kapur (’24) is a Contributing Writer for The Lancer.

Scientists invent “digital mask” to shield personal information

by Thanisha Kapur (’25) | October 7, 2022 In the wake of the pandemic, people have become accustomed to wearing masks to protect themselves from the virus or to conceal their emotional state. Recently, researchers have developed a medical technology called the “digital mask” to anonymize the facial data of patients by censoring identifiable features…

The best spring selections from Trader Joe’s

by Thanisha Kapur (’25) | April 8, 2022 Spring has officially sprung, and with it, comes an entire new season of exciting and delicious products at Trader Joe’s. On the latest episode of the Inside Trader Joe podcast, Trader Joe’s employees and co-hosts Matt Sloan, vice president of marketing, and Tara Miller, marketing director, spoke…

eSAT: a new era of standardized testing?

by Thanisha Kapur (’25) | February 14th, 2022 The latter half of high school is often associated with one word: stress. But on top of the overwhelming number of AP and honors courses that upperclassmen take, there is one major test they not only dread but spend hours upon hours studying for. It’s the SAT—a…

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