ViewPoint: Spirit Squad is unstoppable

by Da Hee Yang (’23) | February 14, 2022

Photo by Kate Amistoso (’22)

Most indoor winter sports have been played in gyms that have been empty for the past few weeks. With the spread of the new omicron variant, spectators for sports were limited to the athletes’ family members. However, as the spread of the virus started to slow, the school has opened up more opportunities for Lancer sports teams to invite more spectators to their games—a moment all athletes have been waiting for. Out of all the students who were excited about the reopening of games, there was one particular group that was also waiting for this moment: the Spirit Squad. The Spirit Squad constantly practiced and planned their sideline cheer for the Lancer basketball teams, and they shined at the basketball game a few days ago. 

February 3 was the Senior Night for the Varsity Girls’ Basketball team. Way before 7:30 p.m, which was the game time, the Alumni gym started to fill with the basketball staff, enthusiastic parents, students dressed in all pink following the Rage Cage’s pink-out dress code, and the Spirit Squad in its uniform and sparkling pom poms; even the Lancer baseball team took a break from its practice to come and support the team. To summarize, the whole Lancer community was there to celebrate the Senior Night ceremony and encourage the athletes. All you could hear was people chanting “defense” and yelling each athlete’s name out loud for support, and in the middle of this, the Lancer Spirit Squad’s enthusiastic cheering. 

The Spirit Squad’s cheers truly promoted the true Lancer game spirit, and as Olivia Paulson (’23) recalls, “it was an incredible experience to witness how loud and united the whole gym was.” The synergy of each player’s passion for the sport with the Spirit Squad’s passion for cheering resulted in the heated energy of the game. Co-captain Ava Goumas (’22) stated, “The goal of [spirit leaders], including myself, is to help reciprocate the energy our school brings when supporting our people, so I especially cherish the opportunity [for the Spirit Squad] to support our community.” 

Another co-captain Kate Amistoso (’22) claims that she enjoyed the recognition of student-athletes celebrated not only within the team but also by the Spirit Squad and the entire school community. “I think it is so special how we have our own way of saying ‘we love you, thanks for being part of our family these past few years,’” Amistoso states. “I feel lucky to have played a small part in that experience for our girls’ basketball players.”

While the Spirit Squad is mainly known for cheering at Lancer football games during the fall, the group hopes to share more of their enthusiasm with more sports, clubs, and groups on campus, starting with this year’s basketball season. Goumas and Amistoso highlight that the group has been and will continue to support more events on campus, including the Alumni Reunion and the incoming freshman interview nights. Amistoso emphasizes the importance of support on campus, and the team hopes to continuously provide motivation within the school community. 

“Wearing the Lancer Spirit Squad uniform, we carry the responsibility of being representatives of the school,” Amistoso claims. “We have especially highlighted the supportive aspect of our team this year because we saw the importance of community when the school community was isolated and limited last year.” 

Just like the iconic lines that the Spirit Squad presents in its cheer, such as “there must be some Lancers in the atmosphere,” we hope to see more Lancers filling up the gyms and stadiums in support of our Lancer sports teams. With a strong belief that the crowd, Rage Cage, and all those participating in sports will enjoy their time, the Spirit Squad once again holds its pompoms up high and proud.

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