Adele re-enters the music world

by Hailey Harris (’24) | November 19, 2021

Art by Sofia Ruiz (’22)

After six years, British pop star Adele is finally saying “Hello” to the music world again. With the upcoming release of her fourth album, 30, the singer shared information about the album with her stunning new single “Easy on Me.”  

Many fans were surprised that the new album follows Adele’s pattern of naming her albums after the age she was when she wrote them. Right before the release of her third album, 25, Adele revealed that she did not expect any major life changes, so her next album would not be named after her age. However, in her recent Instagram post regarding her upcoming album, Adele wrote about the challenges of the past few years in her life and how this album helped her through them. The tone of the album differs from those of the past as it focuses on her divorce in 2019 and her relationship with her son. Although Adele said that she has “let go” of some of her prior albums, feeling as though they do not belong to her anymore, she stated that she would never let this album go. Fans can expect 30 to really reflect on Adele herself rather than the heartbreak she went through at the time. 

All of this can be heard in “Easy on Me,” which was pre-released on October 15. With a simple piano, belting high notes, and a beautiful, slow flow, the song is pure Adele from start to finish. The song broke Spotify’s record for the most streamed song in a single day, with 24 million streams globally. It also broke the record for most streamed song in a single week, with a whopping 84 million streams. The lyrics address both her ex-husband and child and discusses her difficult decision to put herself first. In an interview with Vogue Magazine, Adele said that the single and the album is meant to explain to her son why she chose to disrupt his life for her own happiness. 

In the music video, Adele continues with the themes of her previous hits. Starting in black and white, Adele leaves a house with a sold sign in front of it, which has many speculating about its connection to the house she moved into in her music video for “Hello.” This is one of many examples of Adele putting herself first, and it shows her growth in the years between albums. Right as the song picks up speed and enters into the chorus, the video shifts into full color while Adele sits on a chair in a living room. This segment uses a camera angle and chair eerily similar to the ones used in her music video, “Rolling in the Deep.” 

If “Easy on Me” is any indication of the upcoming album’s success, 30 is sure to be a smashing hit that showcases Adele’s amazing voice and touching lyrics. With homages to jazz pianist Erroll Garner, who passed away in 1977, and additional versions of songs with collaborations by Chris Stapleton, the album is jam-packed. Be sure to look out for its drop on November 19!

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