Katherine Winton

Katherine Winton (’25) is currently the Vol. 59 Entertainment Editor and a Features and Entertainment Columnist who authors “On the Same Page.” She was a Staff Writer for Vol. 58 of The Lancer, and she is a Staff Artist for Vol. 59.


Behind the scenes with Hospitality

by Katherine Winton (’25) | November 18, 2022 Whether students are buying lunch from various spots on campus or going to the Urban Bloc for a snack, most Lancers interact with the Saint Francis Hospitality team on a daily basis. However, few students know about the great thought and effort that the Hospitality staff put…

On the Same Page: description and dread in “Bunny”

by Katherine Winton (’25) and Smriti Vijay (’25) | November 18, 2022 In light of Halloween, Saint Francis’s Book Club picked Bunny by Mona Awad to read and discuss in October. Bunny is narrated by college student Samantha Mackey, who believes herself to be the classic outsider amidst her fellow classmates. These classmates are a…

“Midnights”: record-breaking lyrics and production

by Katherine Winton (’25) | November 18, 2022 On October 21, Taylor Swift released Midnights, her first original album since Evermore in late 2020. After the album announcement on August 29, many people waited in anticipation for the expected thirteen tracks. Three hours after its midnight release, Midnights was followed by Midnights (3am Edition), a…

On the Same Page: retellings and tragedy in “Song of Achilles”

by Katherine Winton (’25) and Smriti Vijay (’25) | October 7, 2022 This month, Saint Francis’s Book Club chose to read Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, which follows Patroclus, a young prince in Ancient Greece. Exiled from his kingdom after causing the death of another boy, he meets a handsome demigod prince named Achilles.…

Latinx Hispanic representation in pop culture

by Smriti Vijay (’25) and Katherine Winton (’25) | October 7, 2022 From September 15 to October 15, the United States celebrates Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month, an annual commemoration of the contributions of Latinx Hispanic Americans to the history of the United States. Throughout the month, the country observes culture from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean,…

Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse Team wins on and off the field

by Katherine Winton (’25) | April 8, 2022 The Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse Team is off to a great start this season, with seven wins and only four losses. Before their recent 10-13 loss against Sacred Heart Prep, the team was on a three-win streak against the Menlo School, Menlo-Atherton, and Archbishop Mitty. The team’s chemistry…

“Normal People” fails to execute on its premise

by Katherine Winton (’25) and Smriti Vijay (’25) | April 8, 2022 Normal People by Sally Rooney was published in 2018 and quickly rose to fame. It won the 2018 Costa Book Award for Best Novel and the 2019 British Book Award for Book of the Year, and in 2020, it was adapted into a…

Women’s Varsity Soccer Team concludes season with pride

by Katherine Winton (’25) | March 21, 2022 This past soccer season has been quite the ride, with some losses, a few ties, and many more wins. Starting with a tournament at Fremont High School, the Women’s Varsity Soccer team made their way up to the CIF NorCal semifinals against Buchanan High School in Clovis…

“Don’t Look Up” delivers with music, satire, and familiar faces

by Katherine Winton (’25) | February 14, 2022 Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and other top-billing actors of the 21st century, Don’t Look Up has received mixed reviews from viewers since its release last December. Adam McKay, who is known for writing Ant-Man, Holmes & Watson, and other hit comedy movies also wrote and directed…

Personality, equity, and comfort: thoughts on the Lancer dress code

By Katherine Winton (’25), Anusha Jain (’25), and Da Hee Yang (’23) | November 19, 2021 The Saint Francis dress code is the focal point of countless campus debates among teachers and students alike. Everyone has a unique ideal dress code, so inevitably, there are always discrepancies in opinion. Some students feel that it is…


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