The success of Outer Banks’ second season

by Hailey Harris (’24) | October 11, 2021

The Kooks and Pogues are back! Season one of Outer Banks first aired in April 2020 during the beginning of quarantine. The Netflix Original series follows the lives of five teenagers—John B., Pope, Sarah, Kiara, and JJ—as they look for $400 million worth of gold in North Carolina. Whether it was an audience craving new content, isolation, or the loss of a full summer, the show caught the eyes of many viewers, reaching #1 on the Netflix charts. The highly anticipated second season just dropped in late July and it did not disappoint. 

  Right from the beginning, the first episode sets the two seasons apart. The new season begins with new character introductions, including Cleo, a worker aboard the same ship as John B. as well as Carla Limbrey and Renfield who rival Ward and Rafe in the ‘who is a bigger villain’ competition. 

Throughout the season, the dynamic relationships among the Pogues intensify. Pope and Kiara have to deal with their feelings for each other, and their relationship takes many turns, adding a new element that was missing between them in season one. John B. and Sarah confront trouble in paradise when their contrasting backgrounds affect their love for each other. 

Fans were curious to see how the show was going to continue and further develop the basic plot since the gold from season one was already found. But season two did a fantastic job of advancing the storyline by setting the Pogues on yet another treasure hunt: finding the cross of Santo Domingo.

The cross, named after an episode of the Lone Ranger, has close family ties to Pope. Pope finds out that he is the descendant of a slave named Denmark Tanny, the person who originally hid the gold and the cross. This shifts the Pogues’ motives as their conquest becomes less about finding money and more about helping their friend do what is right. This stands out in season two because it dives deeper into the backgrounds of the Pogues, and how their past influences have shaped them. 

Pope discovers his family history, JJ says goodbye to his abusive father, Kiara is kicked out of her house for not living by her parents’ rules, Sarah grapples with her love for her family and holding them accountable for their actions, and John B. grieves for his dad while running from the law. Fans were able to see the reasons why it is crucial that the Pogues support each other. The series encourages teens to look into what shapes their character and evaluate what is valuable to them in life.  The summary of season two of Outer Banks is easy: the villains are dreadful, the stakes are higher, and the friendships are stronger. The stunning sets and beloved actors make the show a great watch. It’s rumored that the series has been renewed for season three, with filming taking place soon, showing signs that there may even be a fourth season in the works. Season two definitely did not disappoint, and many cannot wait to see which direction Outer Banks heads in future seasons.

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