Saint Francis’s Back-to-School Rally sparks school spirit

by Taylor Luna (’25), Elsa Ying (’23), and Rohit Khorana (’24) | October 11, 2021

Photo by Ahbijit Nambiar (’24)

On September 24, Saint Francis held the first rally of the year on the football field, as COVID-19 restrictions prevented indoor gatherings. This was a new experience for everyone, from underclassmen who had never attended a rally before to upperclassmen and staff who were used to rallies in the gym. Despite this being a first, many Lancers enjoyed the rally. Sophomore Hoshita Undella said, “This rally was a memorable celebration of community and what it means to be a Lancer.”

Rally Board moderator Mr. Zachary Herhold emphasized, “Being outside was something we had never done. And in many ways, we had ideas that we just had never done inside the gym.” Some of those ideas included Dean Ray Histake and Mr. Jose Alvarez competing in a golf cart race on the track, which ended in a close victory for Dean Hisatake. Closely following them, Mr. Sean O’Neill and Mr. Philip Wang rode around the track on their motorcycles, riling up the crowd. The location change also allowed the Lancer Robotics Team to work the audience into a frenzy with the long-awaited return of their famous T-shirt cannon, which had been in the works for a week leading up to the rally. Not to be outdone, Mr. Herhold finished the opening display with an incredible rocket launch to celebrate the new rally format.

Throughout the procession of events, Rally Board worked to include the new freshmen into the school spirit, especially with the annual sibling rivalry relay between freshmen and seniors. New teachers were also welcomed by the school through a game of human foosball. The rally included performances from a variety of groups on campus, including the Spirit Squad who took center stage with a country-style song complete with cowboy boots and hats. Ending the event with a flourish, the Lancer Marching Band took center stage to perform the classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. Led by new music director Ms. Sadie Queally-Sammut, the band’s showcase energized the crowd with their display of school spirit.

The rally also served as a great opportunity to congratulate various sports teams. The crowd cheered the Saint Francis CCS champion teams, which included the Varsity Men’s Volleyball Team, the Varsity Men’s Basketball Team, the Varsity Women’s Softball Team, and the Varsity Women’s Track and Field Team. 

The Peter Morey Spirit Award was later awarded to Aidan Sanchez (’22). Aidan was shocked to receive the award, as he was unaware the award was being given out at this rally. In fact, he didn’t even know he was nominated. To students who want to be more involved, he advised, “Put yourself out here, outside of your comfort zone. Doing all these activities is a great way to get to know other people, form unexpected relationships, and draw you into things you might have never expected yourself to go into.”

Our rally provided a sense of community that had not been felt by anyone since the closure of schools in 2020. For students looking to join Rally Board, look out for the applications at the end of the year for executive crew and the general rally board. Overall, this event served as a great opportunity to generate school spirit and unite the school community!

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