Netflix’s latest controversial reality TV show will follow the Hype House

By Emily Williams (’22) | May 10, 2021

If you ask any member of Gen Z, there is a pretty high chance that they know what the Hype House is—the content collective, located in LA and created in December 2019, that rocketed to fame in the last year and became commonplace on the tongues of middle and high school students. However, more recently, the house and some of its members have fallen out of the public eye and almost disbanded; now, the members of the TikTok house are back in the news with the announcement of their own reality show that will soon be coming to Netflix. The title, however, lacks some of the creativity we might expect from Netflix— the show will be called “The Hype House.” So original, right? 

The show will be unscripted and will be reality TV style, following the group of influencers in their daily lives, so that we can see another side of them. Confirmed cast members include Kouvr Annon, Nikita Dragun, Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), Sienna Mae Gomez, Larri Merritt (Larray), Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren, and Jack Wright. Petrou and Hudson are notable cast members because they founded the house back in 2019. There may be other additions to the cast, but only these eight have been confirmed. Viewers may wonder about potentially seeing Charli D’Amelio, who is arguably (or inarguably) the most famous TikToker, and who previously belonged to the house, or even Addison Rae. Both of them decided to leave the house in the past, though, so appearances from the uber-popular girls aren’t likely. 

Many people aren’t excited about the new show, however. The content house has had its share of negative attention, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, as there have been rumors of the influencers not disclosing their positive COVID-19 tests and overall, not taking the pandemic seriously. In more extreme cases, some users have even threatened to cancel their Netflix subscriptions because of their upcoming release. Whether or not they are joking, the show will definitely have some mixed reviews when it is released. The release date is not set in stone yet, but we assume production has started— cast members such as Sienna Mae and Jack Wright have posted about it on their social media platforms. Jack Wright posted on Instagram an image of him in front of a Netflix-themed backdrop, captioning it, “Hype house is coming to netflix! Can’t wait for y’all to see a whoooleeeee different side of me. Go to Netflix and add to my list!” Personally, I may not be adding the show to my list yet; I’ll have to see if it lives up to the “hype.” See what I did there?

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