Boladale Erogbogbo

Boladale Erogbogbo (’23) is currently the Vol. 59 Sports Editor for The Lancer. He was a Contributing Writer for Vol. 58 and a Staff Writer for Vol. 57.

Two wrestling teams and one stellar season

by Boladale Erogbogbo (’23) | March 10, 2023 Following a 5-0 Boys’ season and a 2-1 Girls’ season, the Saint Francis Wrestling teams have solidified their teams as some of the top programs in Northern California. The Boys’ team has awards across the board, with Bryce Luna (’24) becoming the fourth 2x State Placer in…

Men’s water polo takes on WCAL uncertainty

by Boladale Erogbogbo (’23) and Anusha Jain (’25)| October 7, 2022 Saint Francis High School was named Cal-Hi sports’s 2021-2022 state school of the year following its dominant records in Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Football, Track & Field, and many other sports. However, returning teams have lost many seniors to college, so the strength of…

Juniors reflect on the Lady Lancer Bowl

by Boladale Erogbogbo (’23) | April 8, 2022 Saint Francis has started off its second semester strong. Freshmen and sophomores are continuing to build community while juniors and seniors are preparing themselves for their future lives as both college applications and acceptances approach. Although overwhelming academic pressure sits firmly in the back of every Lancer’s mind,…

Quantum internet systems may allow for more secure communication

by Boladale Erogbogbo (’23) | May 10, 2021 Quantum internet systems may be a solution to the modern problem of failing cybersecurity. As technology continues to improve and everyday tasks become increasingly virtual, private information is frequently stored on the internet, where hackers and scammers alike roam free. Although we rely on these internet systems…

The failure of modern AI: biased data and underrepresentation in tech

by Boladale Erogbogbo (’23) | March 29, 2021 Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has the potential to simplify our increasingly complex world. AI can function as a valuable tool in processing information that humans alone are unable to process by utilizing engineered algorithms and vast quantities of real-world data. However, as AI continues to improve in…

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