Ignite freshman event: a smashing success!

by Sophia Tran (’24) | November 16, 2020

Photo by Sophia Tran (’24)

During the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been increasingly difficult for new members of the Lancer community to build close relationships with one another. Yet opportunities to forge genuine bonds are beginning to emerge across campus. One such opportunity was the Freshman Ignite Event, which took place on campus on Friday, October 29. Hosted by the Saint Francis Family Club (SFFC) and the Ignite youth group, freshmen and their parents were offered the chance to connect with one another and display their Lancer spirit!

The exciting on-campus event began at 5:00 p.m. and ended at 6:30 p.m. Attendees split into two groups, with parents joined by Mr. Andrew Brown, and students accompanied by Ms. Natalie Lai. A grand total of one hundred and forty-four freshmen students were welcomed and seated in the quad, while parents settled by the Andre House.

Shortly after, SFFC mentors gave brief talks about their experiences as freshmen, sharing their valuable insight with the crowd. They emphasized the importance of opening up and taking the chance to have valuable interactions with peers. After this session, mentors led smaller groups of around ten freshmen, in which they discussed the importance of personal development and bonding.

To break the ice, all of the groups engaged in a number of fun activities. Students played a classic game of Simon Says, where they shared many laughs with each other. As the evening went on, students paired up with each other and guessed the names of famous people or characters that were tagged on their backs. After more games, the freshmen became acquainted with one another by sharing simple details about themselves, such as their favorite colors and what sports they participate in. Through these exercises, students engaged in social development and created precious connections with fellow Lancers.

Before this vibrant event concluded, all groups were welcomed back to the quad, where they participated in one final activity. Once seated, students were given a small candle and an Ignite sticker, on which they wrote what aspects of themselves they hoped to develop at Saint Francis High School. Whether that sticker had “family” or “friends” written on it, everyone pondered their goals for the year in that reflective moment. Afterwards, all one hundred forty-four candles were collected and placed near a mirror to symbolize how the joining of everyone’s small light ignites a united flame that reflects upon the whole world.

Whether it helped students bond with a fellow friend or learn more about themselves, this Ignite Freshman event was a priceless opportunity to ignite the freshmen spirit. Even amidst the pandemic, the Lancer spirit shines brightly like the candles. 

A special thank you to the administration, facility teams, campus ministries, SFFC, the Ignite Program, organizers of the event, Mr. Curtis, and Mrs. Teekell for making this event possible. It was certainly a memorable night for all who attended!

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