Sama Karim

Sama Karim (’24) is a Contributing Writer for The Lancer.

Saint Francis celebrates its first Carnaval

by Sama Karim (’24) and Anika Bastin (’23) | March 21, 2022 On March 1, 2022, students gathered during lunch to celebrate the Lusófono holiday of Carnaval. It is most popularly celebrated in Lusófono cultures, countries and regions who share Portuguese cultural influence. The event was independently hosted by Lusófono students and included music, food,…

Connection across classes: how Saint Francis is using community time

by Sama Karim | October 5, 2020 All around the world, students are stuck in this seemingly endless lockdown. Their academic schedules continue on, but what about their social lives? Saint Francis has responded with a shift in the schedule. Instead of the typical eighty minute classes, the school has introduced sixty minute periods with…

The good, the bad, and the ugly: “The Kissing Booth”

by Sama Karim | October 5, 2020 Before its long-awaited sequel was released this summer, this summer fling Netflix rom-com was a literal teenage sensation in 2018 because of the drama, the romantic relationships, and heartbreaks, the movie raked in millions of views across the country. If you guessed The Kissing Booth series, you are…

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