Safaa Hussain

Safaa Hussain (’23) is the Vol. 58 and Vol. 59 Science Editor for The Lancer. She was the Vol. 57 Features Editor and a Staff Writer for Vol. 56.

Humans of Saint Francis: Aidan Sanchez

by Kasper Halevy (’24), Safaa Hussain (’23), and Matthew Tran (’23) | October 11, 2021 From the Associated Student Body to the Peter Morey Spirit Award, you’ve likely heard the name Aidan Sanchez (’22) in the context of an avidly involved student in school activities. With significant pressure stemming from academic coursework and the college…

Out of this world: finding life on Venus

by Safaa Hussain | October 5, 2020 For centuries, humans have been fascinated by the subject of extraterrestrial life, conjuring images of frightening green aliens and studying footage of mysterious UFOs. However, with a mix of avid believers, skeptics, and those who simply don’t know what to accept, the possibility of other life existing in…

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