Nikita Senthil

Nikita Senthil (’23) is an Editor-In-Chief for Vol. 58 and Vol. 59 of The Lancer. She was the Vol. 56 and Vol. 57 Science Editor. She was also a Science Columnist who authored “Tea on Tech.”


All About Alumni: Mr. Jim Kaspari

by Anika Jain (’22) and Nikita Senthil (’23) | March 21, 2022 Living in Silicon Valley, many Lancers have continued on to fulfilling professions in the biotechnology industry. Jim Kaspari (’80) is a Saint Francis alumnus and track and cross country Hall of Famer, who had a successful career at Genentech before retiring and starting…

Tea on Tech: Dogecoin and cryptocurrency

by Nikita Senthil (’23) | May 10, 2021 When Elon Musk tweeted, “The Dogefather SNL May 8” on April 27th, he set the whole world aflame. Not only did the tweet garner over 430,000 likes — almost three times as many as his average tweet — but Dogecoin itself saw double-digit gains, setting new all-time…

Tea on Tech: the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality

by Nikita Senthil (’23) | March 29, 2021 If you’re part of the majority of the teen population who plays video games, you are likely familiar with the games Half-Life: Alyx, Falcon Age, or Space Pirate Trainer. What do these popular games have in common? They’re all experienced in virtual reality! Virtual reality, or VR,…

Tea on Tech: the Internet of Things

by Nikita Senthil (’23) | March 1, 2021 With its widespread impact across industries and on regular consumers, the Internet of Things (IoT), in the past few years, has become one of the most discussed topics in the technology industry. Although mass media began using the term IoT in the last decade, its history stems…

Tea on Tech: 5G connectivity

by Nikita Senthil (’23) | November 16, 2020 Despite its initial introduction in October 2018 by Verizon, the buzz over 5G has only recently picked up steam, with internet service providers and countries alike competing to provide reliable and advanced technology for both individuals and corporations. Before we can consider the future of 5G and…

Sam Smith’s “Love Goes”: a canvas of experimentation

By Nikita Senthil (’23) | November 16, 2020 Entertainment industries were among those heavily impacted by the pandemic, some initially booming, such as streaming services, while others halted abruptly. Recording artists saw tours cancelled, and those who were lucky enough to have a finished album on the way found themselves postponing release dates for fear…

Tea on Tech: political censorship in media

by Nikita Senthil | October 5, 2020 Of the five “Tech Giants” (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google), Facebook has arguably faced the most congressional pressure in the past decade. In recent years, Facebook has received widespread scrutiny and media coverage due to numerous data leaks of users’ private information, concerns about photo recognition software…

Online data privacy and Choose Privacy Week

by Nikita Senthil | May 19, 2020 How many times have you submitted your credit card information online last month? Have you posted on social media? Each time you release this personal information into the so-called cyberspace, you no longer have much—if any—control over what happens to it. Now, before you rush to clear your…

Top recipes to try in shelter-in-place

by Nikita Senthil | April 6, 2020 If you were lucky enough to get to Costco before the shelter-in-place ordinance took effect, you would have seen a good number of shelves empty as you rushed to stock up on the necessities. Your cart piled high with toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and lots of water bottles,…


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