Kylie Chen

Kylie Chen (’24) is the Vol. 58 and Vol. 59 Entertainment Editor and an Entertainment Columnist who authors “Banned Book Club.” She was a Staff Writer for Vol. 57 of The Lancer.

Banned Book Club: “Gender Queer,” the most banned book of 2021

by Kylie Chen (’24) | October 7, 2022 “Books unite us. Censorship divides us.” These six words were the theme for the American Library Association’s (ALA) 2021 Banned Books week, and they have become especially important in the past couple years, as an increasing number of books are being banned in the United States. According…

Racism in Disney movies: a tale as old as time

by Kylie Chen (’24) and Amaya Malik (’22) | March 21, 2022 Disney animated films are a staple in our lives, functioning as both entertainment and a way of teaching children important life lessons. In recent years, Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek has promised to make films and shows with “an increased commitment” to diversity, and…

Returning to “normalcy”: masking as the mandates lift?

by Kylie Chen (’24) | March 21, 2022 Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the debate over mask-wearing has been heavily politicized, and unfortunately so. Instead of focusing on mask-wearing as a way of promoting public health, many Americans saw (and still see) mask-wearing as a threat to personal freedom—a viewpoint that has been…

Electrical brain activity linked to internal thought processes

by Kylie Chen (’24) | March 29, 2021 While working on different tasks, people often tend to zone out or let their minds wander to other subjects. When will I be done with this assignment? What’s for dinner? Did I forget to lock the door? Do I have anything else to do later today? For…

AI-zheimer’s prediction using AI

by Kylie Chen (’24) | March 1, 2021 Currently, almost six million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, a number projected to rise to 13.8 million by 2050. Despite the increasingly high numbers of those who live with and die of Alzheimer’s, this disease has no cure and continues to hurt patients and family members, both…

How do pandemics end?

by Kylie Chen (’24) | November 16, 2020 Throughout history, pandemic outbreaks have wreaked havoc and destruction throughout the world. Now, yet again, a virus has swept through countries, infecting millions worldwide. Currently, COVID-19 in the U.S. has been reaching record highs, infecting over 125,000 and killing over 1000 daily in the U.S. as of…

I’ve vac-seen enough of you, cancer

by Kylie Chen | October 5, 2020 Imagine being part of a civil war you didn’t even know you were fighting. The war is corrupting your side, and by the time anyone notices this damage, it could be too late. Your opponents may have already infiltrated you without you realizing, waiting for the right time…

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