Ashton Liu

Ashton Liu (’22) is the Vol. 58 Sports Editor for The Lancer. He was also a Staff Writer for Vol. 57.

The real dish on pasta shapes

by Ashton Liu (’22) | May 10, 2021 Pasta, a household favorite of many, is unique in a variety of ways. It’s a versatile ingredient as it comes in many different flavors, shapes, and dishes across the nation. In fact, each pasta shape was tailor-made with different strengths, all fulfilling a unique niche in a…

Lunar New Year foods

Ashton Liu (’22) | March 1, 2021 The Lunar New Year festival brings joy and hope to all that celebrate as they wish for a better year to come. Many look forward to the festivities and holidays that follow, but most are thrilled for the grand feast, one of the most important traditions when celebrating…

A twist on two common dishes

by Ashton Liu | October 5, 2020 Need a dish that uses common household ingredients? This twist on instant ramen is perfect for when your cravings are acting up, but you don’t have much to eat in the house. The ingredients you’ll need are instant ramen noodles, sesame seeds, seaweed snacks, green onion, an egg,…

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