Hannah Valencia

Hannah Valencia (’22) is a Staff Writer for The Lancer.

Congrats! It’s a… gender-neutral baby!

by Hannah Valencia (’22) | November 16, 2020 As I scrolled through my TikTok feed, a video from creator Melissa (@theartofmothering) appeared, her soft voice echoing radical ideas of gender neutrality. Her account focuses on gender-neutral parenting, and in this particular video, she explains how her son prefers swimming in a pink one-piece bathing suit.…

What a 1600 means in 2020: SAT cancellations

by Hannah Valencia | October 5, 2020 My SAT book sat in the corner of my room, gathering dust on its glossy paperback cover. The voice of my mother echoed in my head, as her constant reminders and concerns about the SAT had been engraved in my mind. In truth, I was intimidated and terrified…

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