Eliana Shin

Eliana Shin (’22) is the Vol. 57 and Vol. 58 Opinions Editor for The Lancer. She was a Staff Writer for Vol. 56.


How Texas’ abortion law opens the door to extensive citizen enforcement

By Eliana Shin (’22) and Aanya Mittu (’25) | November 19, 2021 In May, Texas passed a law ending access to abortions after six weeks into pregnancy. This restrictive ban shocked many people from its first appearance, given its discrepancy with Supreme Court precedent. The 1973 case of Roe v. Wade ruled that pregnant women…

America is no stranger to anti-Asian discrimination

by Eliana Shin (’22)| March 29, 2021 “Elderly man pushed to the ground.” “Local business robbed and vandalized.” “Woman left in critical condition after the attack.” I read countless headlines just like these in the last two months alone, all describing acts targeting Asian-Americans. The recent mass shooting in Atlanta killed eight people, six of…

The “United” States: a nation fighting against itself

by Eliana Shin (’22) | November 16, 2020 With the 2020 presidential election over, we’re seeing a trend on the rise. Political polarization is twisting partisanship into an ugly rift between fellow Americans.  Of course, there are the inevitable disagreements as to what is best for the country, or what should be prioritized in government.…

Cutting the hashtag from #BLM

by Eliana Shin | October 5, 2020 Flashback to early June: summer is officially here, I turn sixteen, and the Black Lives Matter Movement is reignited following the death of George Floyd. I open Instagram and scroll through black square after black square. Confused, I closed the app and returned a couple hours later to…


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