The best spring selections from Trader Joe’s

by Thanisha Kapur (’25) | April 8, 2022

Art by Tessa Gross (’24)

Spring has officially sprung, and with it, comes an entire new season of exciting and delicious products at Trader Joe’s. On the latest episode of the Inside Trader Joe podcast, Trader Joe’s employees and co-hosts Matt Sloan, vice president of marketing, and Tara Miller, marketing director, spoke about new seasonal debuts and returning spring favorites. On the new item front, Trader Joe’s shoppers can expect to find things like Cheese Pastry Rolls and a delicious sounding dessert called When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Ice Cream. Here’s my top five for what to stock up on this spring!

1. Cheese Pastry Rolls

This elegant yet delicious product can be found in the freezer section and shoppers can expect to see it in mid-April. “Think of this as the greatest cheese Danish you might ever have,” Sloan said of the decadent baked good, which he noted is “flaky, like a croissant” and has an irresistible “rich” flavor. 

As Miller pointed out, the dough is slightly sweet, which goes well with the rich “cream cheesy filling.” Enjoy one of these rolls with a cup of coffee for a satisfying breakfast that takes just minutes to make.

2. Portuguese Custard Treats

Also known as pastel de nata, this popular Portuguese dessert will soon be making its seasonal Trader Joe’s debut in the freezer section. It was spotted on shelves briefly in 2021 but is expected to stay around a touch longer this year. “It’s a simple custard inside a simple flaky crust, but you put those simple things together and something extraordinary happens,” Miller explained. Expect to see this item in stores starting in the middle of March or early April, depending on where you live.

3. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Ice Cream

This cleverly titled dessert, which, yes, is lemon ice cream, went through several iterations and taste tests via a designated tasting panel before the recipe was perfected. According to Sloan, the version shoppers will see at Trader Joe’s this spring has crunchy pieces, a lemon curd swirl, and pieces of lemon zest. “It’s sweet, and it’s tart, and it’s creamy. And it’s got texture. It’s delicious. I think people are really going to like this one,” Miller declared. Customers can expect to see this limited-edition ice cream on Trader Joe’s shelves starting in late March.

4. Springle Jangle

As diehard Trader Joe’s fans may know, Springle Jangle was a new product in 2021. Last year it was sold in little yellow canisters, but it’s gotten an upgrade for 2022. “This year it’s in a bigger yellow bag with a resealable top,” Miller explained. As for what’s inside this candy mix? Consumers can expect to find pretzels drizzled with yogurt, nonpareils with brightly colored sprinkles, Dark Chocolate Joe Joe’s Cookie Bark, butter toffee peanuts, and milk chocolate peanut butter cups. If you love Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle, definitely give this limited-edition sweet treat a try.

5. Organic Poppy Seed Dressing

This new salad topper, which is slated to debut at the beginning of April, is a “standard” dressing made with superior ingredients. “People will probably put this on just about everything,” Sloan declared, pointing out that this dressing will pair particularly well with fresh fruit. 

According to Miller, this dressing will be around during the spring and summer, so poppy seed dressing fans should stock up if they see it in their local Trader Joe’s.

Whatever your taste buds desire, TJ’s is bound to have it all this spring; if you decide to give any of these delicious items a try, you might just find a new favorite!

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